Tropical Diving Kenya

Bamburi Beach Hotel - Mombasa North Coast
Dive Sites

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Tropical Diving Kenya Shell

Tropical Diving Kenya Turtle

MV Globe Star

Birthday Reef

Angie's Place

The smaller wreck at the far south side of the marine park. The wreck lies at a depth of 8-10 meter. Excellent diving after The Wall.

A blue water descent to about 18 meter, maximum diving depth 35 meter. Only for experienced advanced open water diver

An wonderful inside reef dive site with lots of marine life. High light are the Seahorses at the shallow end.

Tropical Diving Kenya Pinnacles

Tropical Diving Kenya Wreck

Tropical Diving Kenya Alley


MV Dania

Shark Alley

18-35 Meter, advanced divers only, free descent to 18 meter, difficult to dive. small area with a wonderful scene, big grouper, leopard moray, grey shark, white dip reef shark and often during descent or ascent big school of barracuda. Very colourful sea fans.

The artificial wreck sunken back in October 27th 2002. The wreck sits on a sandy bottom at a depth of around 30 meter. Divers level advanced needed

12-25 Meter, all levels, The Shark site. Very often to see the White Dip Reef Shark. Napoleon, Electric Ray, Grouper and Scorpion Fish.

Tropical Diving Kenya Dania

Tropical Diving Kenya Coral

The Wall

Coral Garden

Mtwapa Drop

8-35 meter, for advanced only, nice drop off from 15 to 30 meter, after a few minutes dive time we pass by at a huge anchor lying at about 28 meter. At the end of the dive we stay at a depth of 8 to 12 meter and there are big fields of Anemones.

7 Meter, for beginners and advanced. The dives site where we take our Resort Divers. All coral

Just around the corner of the Mtwapa creek channel.  14-28 Meter, for experienced divers. Sometimes strong current. Small drop off to 28 Meter. Many grouper.

Tropical Diving Kenya Diver

Tropical Diving Kenya Diver

Tropical Diving Kenya Ray

Stingray City

Green Turtle

Brain Coral

8-25 Meter, all levels, the dive site has a big sandy area ideal for teaching our students. All coral fish.

12-25 Meter, all levels, Turtles, Napoleon, Sting Ray, big grouper and sometime Shark.

10-24 Meter, all levels, Napoleon, Turtle, Moray and wonderful corals.

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Tropical Diving Kenya